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Repairs & Maintenance

Landmark listed buildings in active use require sensitive maintenance and repair – often at extremely short notice. Similarly, up to a third of all social housing currently falls short of the standards set out in the Decent Homes benchmark, and overdue repairs and maintenance are often cited as the cause. Under long-term contracts, Saltash provides dedicated repair and maintenance teams to both sectors, with experienced staff embedded in Parliament and Hampton Court Palace.

While we are always able to attend urgent calls, our approach is to provide a smooth transition to more proactive, preventative maintenance, rather than reactive repairs. By addressing potential problems before they occur, and preparing for the otherwise unforeseen, we can be sure that our on-site teams always have the training and materials needed to put things right – first time.

So whether it’s improving housing stock, or bringing the Houses of Parliament back to a usable condition after extensive flooding, we believe that successful repairs and maintenance mean restoring the building the its proper state, and meeting stakeholders’ expectations, as quickly as possible.

Repairs & Maintenance in focus

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