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Service stations

In a country as vast as Australia, you sometimes need fuel storage solutions that are out of the ordinary. A growing national network of unmanned service stations is helping ensure safe fuel supply in some of our most remote locations.

Fuel Supply, Storage and Security

Top 3 Benefits to a F.E.S. TANK


Quality fuel on site and on demand ( 24 hrs / 7 days / 365 year )


Safe storage of fuel and hydrocarbons in challenging locations.Mobile drag and drop Installation with plug and play commissioning. Fast and Simple


Robust tank construction with live fuel management monitoring ensuring 24/7 security access

Fuel contamination in remote locations - the risks

If you’re a fuel retailer, ensuring your fuel reaches your customers in good condition is critical for your reputation. A bad batch can not only cost you big dollars in reparations, but can do long-term damage to your reputation.

When you’re storing fuel at remote unmanned service stations, in harsh conditions or in ageing infrastructure, fuel quality can be an issue.

Particulate contamination, water and diesel bugs are all common issues that affect fuel quality and can cause critical failures for vehicles and machinery.

Diesel bugs grow best in the interface between water and fuel and can spread rapidly, spreading particulates in the fuel and generating corrosive by-products that will cause severe damage to tanks and engines. Diesel destabilised by any of these factors will spoil quickly causing problems including poor starting or failure to start, reduced fuel efficiency and increased consumption.

Diesel fuel contaminants can affect engine components with issues like clogged intake valves, premature wear and tear on engine components, reduced air flow and reduced engine power and performance. That can impact service delivery and have far-reaching effects for your customers and critical supply chains, potentially leaving vehicles out of action for weeks at a time.

The best way to ensure a diesel engine’s premium performance is to ensure a clean and reliable fuel supply.

Fuel theft and fuel loss - a multi-million dollar problem for fuel retailers

Fuel theft is a growing issue across Australia, costing Australian fuel retailers around $60 million every year, with rural and remote locations popular targets. Addressing theft from unmanned refuelling stations can be a challenge if the issue is not quickly detected.

Fuel loss from old storage tanks, which can be adversely affected by harsh weather conditions including floods and cyclones, can also cause serious damage to your bottom line. If you’re storing fuel in older underground tanks, floods can lead to cracks or damage that can destroy your fuel supply or lead to leaks, fuel loss and environmental contamination.

Keeping your fuel safe and in good condition takes careful management and regular monitoring.

When you’re operating remote refuelling stations, sending somebody out to read fuel levels and monitor usage can be a major logistical exercise.

Poor Fuel Storage

Common Problems Caused by Poor Fuel Quality
  • Supply - Reduced availability of fuel
  • Engine efficiency - Failure to start, Poor or rough idle
  • Costs - Increased fuel consumption
  • Environment - Excessive smoke and emissions

The FES Grande range of self-bunded fuel storage tanks

When you buy an FES Tank you’re buying the peace of mind that comes with a quality product built for tough environments.

FES self-bunded diesel storage tanks are a premium above-ground fuel storage solution for rail yards and rail freight operations. Our FES Grande range comes in sizes up to 110,000 litres and provides a flexible and easy to maintain alternative to traditional underground fuel storage.

Designed for harsh operating environments with minimal site preparation, their double-walled steel construction eliminates the need for traditional concrete bund walls, site works or containment areas. In self-bunded tanks the dual wall protects the environment against leaks, protects you against fuel loss and saves on excavation and construction work.

Unique features include anti-corrosion coatings and fittings, outlets sited on the side for easy refuelling and dual manways for trouble-free inspection and cleaning.

Another great benefit with the Grande range is that they are fully modular systems, which makes site design simple. Everything, including connecting pipework, walkways and ladders, can be prefabricated and put together on the site within 1-3 weeks, depending on your needs. What’s more, our tank design gives our tanks a higher safe fill limit than others of comparable size.

Integrated fuel management systems for fuel retailers

FES provides a fully integrated, secure solution for remote and unmanned service stations. Our fuel management systems include petroleum and lubrication dispensing equipment, tanks, flow meters and fuel transfer pumps, spill kits and other fuel accessories.

Our fuel transfer and management systems will also help you keep track of fuel usage and tank levels remotely to ensure supply, measure demand and minimise fuel loss. We have worked extensively with fuel retailers from metropolitan to remote sites and can supply a full range of dispensing equipment that gives our tanks complete remote refuelling capability. Our fuel management systems mean you can monitor and measure metrics like fuel consumption remotely to help with accounting and budgeting. We can also provide security solutions such as user-account access that make fuel theft virtually impossible.

Fuel Management Solutions

Key features of an F.E.S. TANK
  • Water-finding paste to help you check fuel regularly and drain off water, keeping fuel stable and increasing storage life
  • Biocide for diesel fuel to prevent the growth of diesel bugs and keep your fuel and your vehicles safe
  • Fuel management systems to monitor storage levels, fuel usage, fuel efficiency and fuel security
  • Self bunded fuel storage tanks providing fast and flexible storage options in any location. Designed for easy access and maintenance.

Ask the experts at FES today about the right solution for your situation.

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