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Access to quality fuel that will keep your heavy machinery running smoothly is critical when you’re working on construction projects in remote communities.
Our experience designing fuel infrastructure for remote civil engineering and construction projects means we know where your pain points are, and we can deliver compliant and cost-effective solutions that are right for you.

Fuel Supply, Storage and Security

Top 3 Benefits to a F.E.S. TANK


Quality fuel on site and on demand (24 hrs / 7 days / 365 year)


Safe storage of fuel and hydrocarbons in challenging locations.Mobile drag and drop Installation with plug and play commissioning. Fast and Simple


Robust tank construction with live fuel management monitoring ensuring 24/7 security access

Logistical challenges in remote locations

Ensuring fuel supply where you need it, even in hard-to-reach places, can be a logistical nightmare for remote construction projects.

Even after considering the costs of transporting fuel – either by road freight or by sea – ensuring you can create an accessible supply that meets your changing project needs is a constant balancing act.  Investing in earthworks, bunding and site preparation for traditional storage depots means as project needs change, vehicles may need to travel some distance to refuel at significant cost to efficiency and your project’s bottom line.

Transporting fuel tanks to new work locations on semi-trailers to get the job done is an inefficient use of equipment that leaves part of the fleet out of action for the duration of the job – often several months.

There are human resources considerations  too – when you’re covering large distances and have fuel stored at one or two sites, sending somebody out to read fuel levels and monitor usage can be a significant task.

Fuel theft and fuel loss on remote government projects

If you’re working on major infrastructure projects, you’ll know that losing fuel by theft from your tanks or your vehicles is a common problem  – especially in regional communities.

In remote locations it’s not always possible to limit access to site, particularly when heavy machinery needs to stay on location. Fuel theft can not only cost your project thousands of dollars at a time, but can pose a serious risk to productivity – particularly when it means waiting days for a fresh supply or risking lower quality product.

Old style single skin tanks can be an easy target for fuel thieves, particularly if they are gravity-fed.

Fuel loss as a result of ageing and poorly maintained fuel storage infrastructure can not only cause serious environmental damage but can put a stop to your projects and potentially leave you footing hefty clean-up bills in addition to significant fines.

Fuel quality and fuel contamination - the risks

Sourcing quality fuel is always a challenge when you’re working in isolated areas, but it’s critical to keep your machinery operating in top condition and prevent costly outages. When you’re delivering critical civil engineering and infrastructure projects, reliability is not negotiable.

Diesel fuel contaminants can cause serious problems for your fleet and machinery, affecting engine components with issues like clogged intake valves, premature wear and tear on engine components, reduced air flow and reduced engine power and performance. That can impact service delivery and have far-reaching effects for your projects or your communities. If your machinery fails it can take weeks or months for replacement parts to arrive, with many coming from overseas and reliant on increasingly unreliable supply chains.

The best way to ensure a diesel engine’s premium performance is to ensure a clean and reliable fuel supply.

Contaminated Fuel

Other operational issues caused by contaminated fuel:
  • Poor starting or failure to start
  • Reduced availability of operational equipment
  • Poor or rough idle, reducing efficiency
  • Increased consumption
  • Excessive smoke and emissions

FES self-bunded fuel tanks help rail logistics operations take control of fuel quality with a range of flexible, secure and easy-to-maintain bulk fuel storage and fuel management solutions.

The FES range of self-bunded tanks - an integrated fuel management solution

FES self-bunded fuel storage tanks are a premium fuel storage solution supporting construction and civil engineering projects. Our industry experts have the knowledge to help you make the most of the fuel that keeps your business running, using the latest in storage and stabilising products and integrated fuel management solutions.

Our Bloc and Grande tanks come in sizes up to 110,000 litres and provide a flexible, relocatable and easy to maintain design and drop solution that’s built to last in remote operations.

Our mobile and modular Bloc tanks ensure easy transportation to site with double-wall containment meaning there is minimal site work or preparation required. Our Grande tanks are built to international ISO container footprints for ease of transport and transfer with standard footprints of 3, 6, 12 and 14 metres using the container lock dimensions. This means they can be transported without the need for costly logistics.

All FES tanks are double skinned with lockable access hatches that make them easy to maintain and secure. We can also help with integrated fuel management systems that can monitor fuel usage remotely in real time, meaning a more efficient use of manpower and ensuring problems can be addressed early.

Tailor-made bulk fuel storage for remote government operations

Our HULK self-loading, relocatable bulk fuel storage product is a solution designed specifically to meet the challenges involved in managing the dispensing, storage and relocation of fuel in remote locations.
The system makes it easy to position and relocate tanks at remote sites without the cost or logistical issues associated with a crane lift.

It also allows secure and safe transport of high volumes of fuel in a single self-bunded tank, virtually eliminating the risk of fuel leaks due to structural breaches.

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Fuel Management Solutions

A complete fuel management solution for rail freight operators

Our solutions for the rail freight industry include:

  • Water-finding paste to help you check fuel regularly and drain off water, keeping fuel stable and increasing storage life
  • Biocide for diesel fuel to prevent the growth of diesel bugs and keep your fuel and your vehicles safe
  • Fuel management systems to monitor storage levels, fuel usage and fuel efficiency
  • A full range of fuel storage options including our unbeatable, fully certified self-bunded design and drop tanks designed for easy access and maintenance

Tailor-made bulk fuel storage for remote government operations

If you’re fuelling major construction projects in a remote environment there’ll be challenges. With more than 100 years combined experience in the fuel industry, our technicians are experts in remote refuelling solutions and can work with you to plan the best solutions for your operation.

Ask the experts at FES today about the right solution for your needs

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